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Acronyms/Abbreviations and meanings

Meaning of 7-ACA

7-ACA means: 7-aminocephalosporanic Acid

Meaning of EFPD

EFPD means: Effective Full Power Day

Meaning of MA

MA means: Mission Abort

Meaning of NSP

NSP means: Non-starch Polysaccharide

Meaning of ZID

ZID means: Zone Of Initial Dilution

Meaning of CCM

CCM means: E Contract Change Mass Estimate

Meaning of CUE

CUE means: Common Usage Equipment

Meaning of HEM

HEM means: Hitchhike Experiment Module

Meaning of AC

AC means: Adriamycin-Cyclophosphamide (chemotherapy) - Air Conditioning - Alternating Current - Ante Christum (Latin

Meaning of ASW

ASW means: Anti-Submarine Warfare; Average Surface Wind

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