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Acronyms/Abbreviations and meanings

Meaning of NEPH

NEPH means: Nephelometer

Meaning of AQIRP

AQIRP means: Auto/Oil Air Quality Improvement Research Program

Meaning of GEMAP

GEMAP means: Geocoded Emission Modeling And Projection

Meaning of PIMBE

PIMBE means: Plasma-induced Molecular-beam Epitaxy

Meaning of VD

VD means: Veak And Dizzy; Older Person Feeling Vaguely Unwell And Presents At ER At 2am Complaining Of Feeling "weak And Dizzy"

Meaning of CPU

CPU means: Central Processor Unit

Meaning of MPL

MPL means: Manipulation Positioning Latches

Meaning of OAS

OAS means: Orbiter Avionics System

Meaning of R/C

R/C means: Remote Control

Meaning of JNI

JNI means: Java Native Interface

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