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Acronyms/Abbreviations and meanings

Meaning of LARC

LARC means: Langley Research Center

Meaning of LIRIS

LIRIS means: Loral IR Imaging System

Meaning of BNF

BNF means: Biological Nitrogen Fixation

Meaning of CCA

CCA means: Crystalline Cluster Approach (in Electronic Structure Calcns.)

Meaning of GDC

GDC means: Global Drifter Center (of WOCE Data System)

Meaning of BPR

BPR means: Bypass Ratio

Meaning of PRM

PRM means: Posigrade Rocket Motor

Meaning of STRG

STRG means: String

Meaning of DYHAG

DYHAG means: Do You Have A Girlfriend

Meaning of TEOP

TEOP means: Trainer Development Management Plan

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